PAC Model

The Postabortion Care (PAC) Consortium supports a comprehensive public health model that includes prevention, treatment, counseling and services to respond to women's sexual and reproductive health needs and concerns. The PAC Consortium's five essential elements of PAC are:

  • Community and service provider partnerships for prevention (of unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortion), mobilization of resources (to help women receive appropriate and timely care for complications from abortion), and ensuring that health services reflect and meet community expectations and needs;
  • Counseling to identify and respond to women's emotional and physical health needs and other concerns;
  • Treatment of incomplete and unsafe abortion and complications that are potentially life-threatening;
  • Contraceptive and family planning services to help women prevent an unwanted pregnancy or practice birth spacing; and
  • Reproductive and other health services that are preferably provided on-site or via referrals to other accessible facilities in providers' networks.

Visit our resource page for more in-depth information regarding this model, as well as the origins, evolution and future directions and indicators that can be used to monitor and evaluate PAC programs within the context of this model.


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