Family Planning

The provision of family planning to postabortion clients is a key element of the PAC model.  Many postabortion clients want and need family planning; research has shown that a large proportion of women will use postabortion family planning if offered.  The return to fertility after abortion may be rapid, and almost all family planning methods are suitable for postabortion use.  The provision of family planning services to women who have had a spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) can allow for a future planned pregnancy after the woman has returned to health and determined that she wants to get pregnant again. The provision of family planning services to women who have had an abortion can help women limit and space their pregnancies, prevent subsequent unsafe abortion, and reduce maternal morbidity and mortality worldwide.

There is clear evidence that if family planning can be offered to women at the time of postabortion treatment, the uptake of a contraceptive method will be considerably higher than if a woman is referred elsewhere to access family planning.  Yet integrating family planning services with postabortion treatment continues to be challenging; in many settings contraceptive services are offered in a separate setting, by different service providers, and often during limited hours.

Visit our resource page for research studies and reports that explore different ways to ensure that PAC clients are offered family planning.


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